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The moment we think about Mother and Motherhood we all feel a sense of security and peace within.
We have seen and heard about many strong women out there who have set an exemplary example of selfless motherhood and womanhood.
A strong and sensible woman is one who knows how to balance all aspects of life gracefully and above all, how well-balanced and mature she is, in her way of thinking and behaviour.
A strong mature woman always ensures to maintain a healthy conducive atmosphere at home and would always love to see the growth and evolution of all her family members and beloved ones!

A strong mature woman is very well aware of herself, her thoughts and emotions and carries herself with utmost dignity and grace.

She will never have the urge to gain control over anybody lives and instead will make a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

The woman who is aware of herself will always make sure that her words match her actions and behaviour. She says what she means and does what she says!

She becomes the driving force and guiding light to her whole family and brings out the best in herself and others.

A strong woman believes in self- love and takes care of her mental, physical and emotional well-being and at the same time takes good care of her children and family members.

And once she becomes a mother she emerges as a better version of herself by constantly striving to inculcate all the beautiful qualities, virtues and self-love that she would like to see in her child.

A true selfless mother is a mother who transcends her ego, insecurities and possessiveness into all-pervasive unconditional love❤
That is not to say that a Mother should only think about her children and others. A sensible mature woman always loves herself and loves others selflessly too.
A true selfless Mother always lets her children decide for themselves and never impose her thoughts onto her children
A true selfless mother never controls the life decision of her children and always wants to see her children carve their path and reach greater heights in life!
While she is always there to scrutinize her children and bring them back to the right track every time, she also makes sure she never lets her children feel controlled or compelled by her.
She makes sure she gives all the freedom and space and let them bloom into wonderful human- beings.
Motherhood is the true epitome of selflessness and pure love….there are no expectations and insecurities. Even if she feels insecure at times, a mature woman will know how to channelize this feeling in the right way.

Motherhood is the true expression of Divinity, peace and bliss.
A woman even before giving birth to her child becomes a Mother to many people around her. She is capable of expressing her motherly affection to her parents, siblings, husband and sometimes to her friends too!

A true selfless mother would never want her children to be with her all the time. She would want them to get out of their comfort zones and explore their lives.

The feeling of being called “Amma” brings utmost peace and joy to a woman. Being called “Amma” is the purest feeling in the world. As stated earlier, a selfless woman accepts not just her children but all the other children as her own. When other children call her “Amma” she feels privileged and accepts them wholeheartedly.

A Mother’s love is encompassing, unconditional and the most purest feeling in the world.

This article is a tribute to all the strong sensible women and selfless mothers out there!❤

Love, peace and light✨