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Empathy blossoms from within the heart

When you are an empath, you know how it feels to live inside your head all the time. Empaths are highly sensitive people who tend to pick on the vibrations very quickly. They can easily sense the vibes around them and also, to some extent can understand what’s going on in someone else’s head. Perpetual bombardment of thoughts keeps them thinking all the time. This often make them look like they are always lost in their thoughts. Sometimes, it so happens that, because of all the thoughts that’s going on in their head, when they are asked or questioned about something, though they understand what’s being asked, they end up saying irrelevant things. This is purely because of the persistent thinking, that prevents them from being present in the moment.

Being empathetic can be really tiring because of the incessant expenditure of mental and emotional energies. Empaths always try their best to be there for everyone as they can easily understand what others are going through. This often leaves them drained, mentally and emotionally. Empaths are people who always think from others’ perspective and go out of their way to help people in need. I personally believe empaths are psychologically, emotionally and spiritually evolved souls. For them, it’s all about being considerate, sensitive, kind and compassionate.

Having said that, it’s also very important that they know how to protect their energies. Empowered empaths know how to protect their energies and deal with their difficult emotions. They are always internally focused and they just become mere observers of the things that take place around them. Instead of absorbing others’ emotions and energies, they just observe everything and try their best to make others feel better.

Empathy is a god’s gift to mankind and contributes to the betterment of all humanity in more than many ways one could imagine. This 2020, let us all make a resolution to be a bit more considerate and empathetic towards each other and make this world a better place to live in.