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We tend to think that God is a Supreme entity or a mysterious force resposnsible for the creation of this Universe.

I believe in that but God in my perspective is unconditional love, selflessness and pure consciousness.
God is an epitome of highest degree of purity. We cannot see him but we can certainly feel his presence in everything and everyone around us.

The beautiful sunshine, blooming of flowers, butterflies, plants, trees, laughter, dewdrops. There’s God everywhere.. there’s divinity in each one of us. We are all one with God❤️


Appreciating people for their positive qualities costs us nothing. The genuine response to someone who exhibit pure and selfless actions, will definitely bring happiness and positivity into all our lives.

Acknowledging someone’s noble act and appreciating them for that, creates a ripple effect. When we find ourselves in same kind of situation someday, it reminds us of the person who acted virtuously and in turn motivates us to do the same. By doing so, we create a healthy and positive atmosphere for ourselves and for all those around us. This collectively raises our vibration and help us lead peaceful and harmonious life with everyone.

The quality that I’m talking about here is inter-personal and requires empathy and sensitivity. When we are sensitive enough to acknowledge and appreciate someone for their good deeds, we lay a foundation for a healthy society. Showing genuine care and concern to others, also contributes to healthy atmosphere. At the same time, noticing and admiring someone’s virtuousness (even if the ego says otherwise) makes life all the more merrier and peaceful. This will also help us maintain healthy environment.

More often than not, though we notice someone’s selfless act, we may not appreciate them because of our ego. Now, this is what I call ” Mental block”. When we refrain ourselves from complimenting others, we unconsciously create a barrier in our relationship with them.

Recognition and admiration of people’s altruistic acts, will not only encourage them to perform more such acts, but also help us become the best version of ourselves. By doing so, we send across positivity, love and peace to whole of mankind and make this world a better place to live in.


Knowledge is merely an acquisition of facts, figures and hypothesis whereas Wisdom is something that you already know, Wisdom comes from contemplation of your own thoughts.

Wisdom comes to you naturally when you try to get in touch with your inner/higher self.

When you understand your true nature, you become wise.

Ultimately, wisdom is righteousness, pure consciousness, nothing but our gut instict.

Every human being can become wise only if he/she tries to shed the layers of negativity that have shrouded their soul.

The Universe guides us through, if we cleanse our atman and give up ego and selfishness and refine our thought process.

Wisdom is nothing but refined thought process.

Modern day education system teaches children about factual concepts and logical perspectives but fails to make children understand, what a human being should actually possess in order to lead a happy, positive and a peaceful life.

Ofcourse, education is very much required to lead a successful life.

But he who knows how to handle all the situations and circumstances with even mindedness, calm and composed attitude succeeds in all aspects of life i.e mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, personally,professionally and financially.

A person who manages to achieve all these things in life is considered to be wise and poised.

True meaning of Success

Success is not measured by the amount of money, assests or educational qualification we possess.

We truly succeed in life when we realise how many lives we have touched!

The sense of satisfaction that we get when we make someone smile!

When we become a beacon of light in someone’s life, we succeed!

When we selflessly and unconditionally spread happiness, peace, love and positivity wherever we go, we succeed in life!

True success is Self satisfaction!

When you selflessly strive to work hard for the betterment of the makind you succeed!