Our presence should always bring immense comfort and peace to people around us. The way we carry ourselves and the kind of energy we give out speaks volumes of our character. Hence, we must always make it a pact to carry pure energy in our hearts and make sure to spread positivity wherever we go!

“Spread positivity wherever you go”- as cliché as it sounds, this phrase creates wonders if we apply it to our daily life and consciously practice giving out pure energy.

“Energies never lie”- the kind of energy that you experience in presence of someone says a lot about that person. Creating a positive atmosphere and space for healthy conversations wherever we go will not just enhance the quality of our life and thoughts, but also helps others around us become more positive and clear in their thinking.

Emotional clouding and manipulation- if our agenda is to always create a ruckus wherever we go, just to satisfy our petty Ego/Pseudo-self-righteousness- a feeling that makes us think we are always right even when our conscience knows that we are at fault and we still deny the feeling because we want our Ego to win always!

Being Ego sensitive is detrimental to one’s mental health and also to all the people around. Being conscious about who is going to say what and always expecting others to treat us in a supercilious manner will always lead to disappointment and thus results in frustration and venting out.

Most of us tend to think that being outspoken and bold means always speaking the truth and being honest. This may not be always right. It completely depends on the person’s thought process and emotional maturity. If the person is speaking the truth with the sole intention of making things right and thinking about a higher good, then that person is being bold and outspoken in his words, actions, thoughts and intention. But if a person talks just to instigate moral superiority and boost their grandiose sense of Self-image, you know it’s going to be a heap of abusive words and behaviour just thrown around.

When people speak the truth, there is calmness in their tone, words and action. There is a sense of relief that follows, the atmosphere becomes clearer though it appears chaotic in the beginning. But when someone opens their mouth just to pick a fight and satisfy their Ego, you know that the already chaotic atmosphere is going to get worse!

The fact that “how important it is to be pure from within and keep giving out positive energy and vibes wherever we go” cannot be emphasised enough because it constitutes the basic human quality. As we are beings of love, we forget how important it is to emanate love and we always give in to our weakness.

Having said that, we might not always be at our best in terms of mood and temperament. Feeling low is natural. But that does not mean we can go around throwing tantrums and ruining others people’s moods as well. How we deal with our own emotions without letting them affect others, is a true mark of emotional maturity and mental evolution.

Emotional healing- being aware of our emotions is the most basic quality that we all should possess as human beings. If we come to think of it, our emotions are always oscillating and our mind is always bombarded with thoughts, we need to sort it out in a wiser way – by seeking professional help, talking to a loved one, meditating, journaling or just by being aware of our inner world. Healing ourselves emotionally will be the greatest contribution to the betterment of mankind.

I just hope we all strive every day to become better human beings and create a much healthier and peaceful society/atmosphere for all the fellow beings.


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