Haven’t we all prayed for someone quietly?

Praying for others with all of our heart gives us a fresh lease of hope, faith and confidence. This happens only when we know the true meaning of prayer and realize the fact that we are all powerful spiritual beings and a single thought of positivity can create wonders.  

People who are genuine and authentic pray for others wholeheartedly with an immense belief that their prayers are going to act as shield and protect the people around them from impending predicaments.

While many times we may think our prayers are not being answered, we must still have faith in how the universe works and understand the fact that everything happens for our higher good. This might be a little difficult for us to understand when are in distress and “we feel/think” our prayers are not being answered. But here’s the catch-

“Our Prayers are always answered, maybe not immediately or not in a way we expect but they are certainly answered as we are completely unaware of the grand scheme of things happening in the background, where supreme forces are working for the betterment of all beings on earth”.

When we wish good things for others by sending across lots of positivity and love, we are not just uplifting others but are also cleansing ourselves.

Prayers and positivity play a major role in purification of mind and thoughts. When we pray for someone we are actually thinking of them and once we start praying for everybody on a daily basis, inner cleansing starts happening and all our impurities will be washed away.

Hence we can also say, “Praying is cathartic” as a deep level of emotional and mental cleansing happens every time we pray for others selflessly

There’s also an old saying that goes like-

“Hands that help are holier than the lips that pray”. While this is certainly true and there’s no substitute for lending a helping hand to people who are in need, it’s also important we constantly pray for the welfare of mankind and all the beings on this planet.

The silent prayer that we say quietly when an ambulance passes by or a single thought of positivity sent across to someone who is in other part of world and is in need of genuine moral support and motivation, is  the least that we could do in order to make a difference and build a better world.

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