There comes a time,

When you just want to want to be alone-

And let the inner light shine;

Thousands of thoughts residing in deep recesses of the mind,

Are brimming over the horizon of consciousness,

Deep inner cleansing ensues,

As the repository of thoughts-

Continue to exhaust,

Amidst all the excavation of inessential thoughts,

There arises a state of pure stillness and bliss,

This is when the inner light gleams;

Making our aura shine from within,

The process of rejuvenation persists,

And this when we realize  the eminence of “Catharsis”


This whole poem emphasizes, how important it is to heal ourselves on a deeper level. Emotional healing happens only when we decide to let go of our unpleasant feelings, thoughts and imprints. While this is all about the inner work and self-introspection, the external effort to take care of ourselves also plays a major role in the healing process. Centuries of research and studies have revealed that certain crystals have been instrumental in physical and emotional healing! Want to feel cathartic and refreshed? These naturally energized crystals are here for you! Grab them right away and accelerate the process of your healing.

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