Aren’t we all hypocrites in some or the other way? Most of the times, we tend to contradict ourselves. This is because while talking about a particular thing we wouldn’t think about the same scenario in a different context.

Let me put it this way: We talk about being calm all the time regardless of the situation-while it’s the finest quality we could possess, it is also important that we put our foot down and raise our voice when it’s needed. In cases like dealing with difficult people, it’s always better to respond but if need be, it becomes really important to “think and react wisely”.

So in exceptional cases as such it’s always better to “think and react wisely” because always a subtle response wouldn’t work. It’s important to understand the gravity of the situation and act accordingly.

When we come across such incidents we might question ourselves, our beliefs, our values and ethics and think we are being hypocrites and are contradicting ourselves. While it’s true, we must also remember that, in few cases we definitely need to react to set things right.

When we “react” to situation or people thinking about the higher good while being fully aware that “reaction” is stemming from a place of pure intent and growth, it doesn’t matter even if we are being hypocrites. When we think about the consequences- the long term effect of our “reaction” or “response” with the right intent and for the betterment of the situation/people, everything gets better. We must know that our “reaction” or “response” shouldn’t be the projections of our Ego, but the reflection of our true inner selves/conscience. Because our conscience will always guide us towards light and Ego towards darkness.

Thus, it’s very important that we carefully analyse the situation, our emotions and think about the higher good and act wisely.

The whole concept of reaction or response is subjective and doesn’t apply to all the situations, all the time. We need to understand this fundamental principle and use our intuition and wisdom in a right way before we react or respond to any situation/person.

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