Okay, so let’s get realistic! Sometimes it gets too hard isn’t it? It could be our thoughts haunting us, past traumas, the way we perceive things or just living in a controlling atmosphere (workplace) etc,.

How to make peace with ourselves?

With all the chaos happening around us, sometimes we do end up questioning our sanity, don’t we? No matter how much we try to keep our thoughts in check, things (or thoughts rather) tend to get out of our control sometimes. The more we think about certain things, more restless we become. And this in turn results in complete internal chaos. Hence, I cannot stress enough on the fact how important practicing mindfulness is! (as mentioned in my previous posts)

Now, we know being mindful helps us remain calm regardless of external circumstances. But the thing is, it doesn’t happen most of the times because of our habitual thinking patterns. When we are on the verge of emotional breakdown, it’s always better to give ourselves time and let ourselves heal naturally instead of trying to fix our thinking right away or pressurize ourselves to be mindful all the time.

While it’s very important to practice mindfulness, it’s also important that we know it’s coming naturally from effortless ease and not by constant pressure which might result in mental coercion. It’s a gradual process and requires persistent efforts to train our mind and thoughts and attain the state of inner stillness. So, every time we give into our old habits, it’s important to remind ourselves that we are getting there and allow things to flow through us. By doing so , though we may not feel completely relaxed, we might start seeing things clearly for what they are and gain an in-depth understanding of ourselves and people around us.

So let’s just give ourselves time and space to heal, grow and evolve naturally and try to find peace in everything that we go through. As contradictory as it sounds, let’s try to find peace even if we feel restless, after all life is all about beautiful contradictions, isn’t it?❤️

May we all find peace in everything we are going through right now.

Love, peace and light to all beings✨

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