More often than not, we find ourselves agreeing to certain things or people, despite of wanting to say NO. We actually betray ourselves for doing things that we don’t really want to. This happens when we don’t create healthy boundaries for ourselves and lack self-love. There’s a fine line between being selfless and letting people walk all over us. It’s equally important to be there for ourselves and conserve our precious mental energy while being there for others.

Constantly being there for others without creating a healthy boundary, can drain us out mentally and emotionally. Expenditure of too much mental energy results in mental coercion and physical exhaustion.

How to create healthy boundaries ?

  1. By being transparent and speaking up for ourselves: This is very much required when people take us for granted and assume that we would do every little thing in their favor. Initially, though we find it difficult to say NO(fearing others’ reaction/finding it hard to deny people’s requests/demands) we must cultivate the habit of expressing ourselves clearly by taking into account our mental health and emotional well-being. We need to always remember that we cannot give out from an empty cup. Likewise, if we aren’t in a right frame of mind, it’s always better to deny others’ wants/demands. Maintaining rigidity and transparency when it comes to our needs, will help us protect our precious mental energy.
  2. By distancing ourselves from people who ask for too much: Most of the times, we come across people who ask/expect way too much from us (sometimes, it could be our family members). Living up to everybody’s expectation is highly impossible. Completely dissociating ourselves from a difficult person (especially if it’s a family member) could be difficult. Hence, it is very important to maintain a healthy distance and start loving them from afar.
  3. By stop being too available: When we are too available to everyone all the time, we get caught up in others mess and end up losing peace of mind. In order to avoid this, it’s always better not to have any sort of emotional involvement with others .


  1. Great Article…..!Beautifully written, thank you for writing…It’s been a dilemma of mine, I somehow cannot find peace in setting healthy boundaries for myself because of the guilt and fear of causing pain to others. It’s good to be reminded to always be compassionate and kind to yourself and others.

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    1. Yes! We cannot give out from an empty cup. Hence it is always important to be kind to ourselves. When we start treating ourselves with kindness and compassion, we attain a state of stillness within. I am glad that you found this article helpful. Thanks a ton for your valuable feedback. Lots of love😘


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