What is Self-awareness?

Self-awareness is a process of getting to know ourselves better. The more we delve deeper into ourselves, the more aware we become of our conditioned mindset, thought patterns, insecurities, fear etc. Daily self-introspection helps us re-condition our mindset and emerge as better version of ourselves. Self-awareness creates better understanding of how our conscious mind works. Getting to know ourselves better or creating self-awareness simply means shedding few layers of toxic traits, habits and thought patterns, re-conditioning our thought process and creating a healthy mindset. When we become more aware of ourselves, we develop a healthy and positive mindset and this will definitely benefit all the people who are closely associated with us. Being Self aware actually means getting in touch with our inner core-the soul and realizing that its true nature is pure bliss. It is beyond myriad of thoughts, feelings and emotions, it’s just complete pure “Bliss.”

Why is Self-awareness required?

We often project our insecurities/deeply embedded trauma (because of past bitter experiences) onto others , just to unleash our frustration and release our negative emotions. By doing so, we forget that we are inflicting pain on others. Becoming aware of our very own toxic traits, will help us create a positive and healthy atmosphere. In order to become aware, we need to self-introspect on a daily basis. This habit help us keep our thoughts in check.

3 ways to create a healthy mindset by becoming more aware of ourselves:

  1. Becoming aware of our chronic thought patterns and understanding our trigger points – This can be achieved through keen observation and mindfulness(as mentioned in the earlier post). By quietly watching our thoughts without getting attached to them, we attain a state of stillness and obtain mental clarity.
  2. Understanding our emotions – After mindful observation of thoughts and figuring out our trigger points, we understand why we feel certain way about certain things, people or situations. Getting attached to thoughts, gives rise to upsurge of emotions which in turn causes emotional turbulence. This results in aggressive behaviour and emotional outbursts. Emotionally volatile people are those who lack self-awareness i.e, they are not aware of their own mind. That is why it is very important to have an in-depth understanding of our mind(thoughts and emotions). By not reacting/getting attached to certain thoughts,we curb the rise of emotional turbulence in the very beginning. Having emotional stability is the greatest gift we could give ourselves and everybody around us.
  3. Maintaining emotional stability- Now this requires persistent practice and self-commitment. In order to have a healthy mindset and create a positive atmosphere, it is very important that we constantly watch over our thoughts(break old patterns) and keep our emotions in check.

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