High up above the sky;
I would like to fly
Away from the world that is so sly!

In search of peace-
It would take eternity
And try not to fleece;
From the destination to achieve prosperity!
Where the tender flowers bloom
And the sweet fragrance lingers,
There ain’t no chance to gloom
The world filled with glitters!
Where the vengeance is ridden
Malignity is forbidden
And the felicity  is attained,
When malevolence is restrained!

High up above the sky;
I would like to fly
Away from the world that is so sly!

17 thoughts on “HIGH UP ABOVE THE SKY

  1. Wow…wonderful thoughts n beautiful writing…all the poems r fantastic…never knew u were so good with words…looks very professional to me…won’t lie…had to use dictionary for some of the words…very proud of u dear…keep the good work going…i m sure u wud penn more such beautiful poems in future…All the very best 🙂

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  2. All poems r just magnificent… The words used are awesome just like any other Brit poet. Your hold on the language and usage of the words is so apt… that no doubt of you becoming a great poet one day. All the best for your future 👌😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Your views on certain prospects of life generalize how many people feel, but in some manner, cant express.You’ve given such great and subtle emotions expressed in such an energetic and influential way that most people dont realise and think of… great writing! 🙂

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